Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom National holiday big show

During the National Holiday, HighGreat team staged the most stunning 3D drones swarming performance in the Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom with 300 drones, "drawing" the wonderful sea world in the night sky. Thousands of people were cheered and applauded, This is a magical light and shadow magic of science fiction, a dream dialogue across the sea and sky space, a cultural feast of science and technology.

Classic Dancing Patterns

The cute 3D penguin is waving a hand in the sky and inviting more people to visit the Zhuhai Chimelong Carnival and experience the science fiction world between sea water and the sky.

The 3D stereo drone swarming lights show blurs the boundaries of space and creates a wonderful ocean world in the night sky, inviting you to celebrate the festival together!

What We Done

HighGreat drones swarming light shows create an art festival for the audience, including light and shadow art, modern technology and marine culture rely on the colorful ocean world of Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.
Start a radiant party and visual feast that will take people into the Star River.