Second World Intelligence Conference

"Dynamic seagull fly through the eyes of Tianjin", The first interactive 3D stereo drone swarming show in China with 400 drones
Smart technology integrates into urban culture to create a unique urban scene. Hundreds of drones presents the landmark "Tianjin Eye". The 75-meter-wide dynamic seagull fly from 290 meters and crosses a giant Ferris wheel with a length of 230m and a height of 180m.lights and moving patterns shows 360°all-round stunning visual enjoyment.

Classic Dancing Patterns

Hundreds of drones make up the seagulls. with two giant waving wings it was flying slowly toward the dreamy sky of the giant "Tianjin Eye".

Hundreds of "stars" gradually change to present a dreaming scene like everyone has been given wisdom and Seagull which was made up by drones was slowing flying through "Tianjin Eye".

HighGreat team uses the fantasy shock drone swarming lights show effect to create the second World Intelligence Conference creative invitation

What We Done

Stable TAKE drone and the industry's advanced RTK positioning technology, Complete background program, rich performance experience.
Ensure that the drone formations change the array and flash multicolored colors in an orderly and smooth manner.
Presenting colorful aerial art for everyone.
The development of the drone swarming lights performance not only promotes the new era of intelligent drones.
It also makes this smart technology closer to life.