Drones swarming show campus creative performance opening

The pleasing music sounded leisurely, and 200 drones flickered like fireflies. With the graceful or passionate rhythm, the drones changed as colorful rotating squares , opened the pages and stereoscopic interlaced globes patterns, the fantastic 3D stereo drone formation performance caused a craze at the Sun Yat-Sen University! This also symbolizes the creative exhibition starts from campus!

Classic Dancing Patterns

The performance is closely linked with the music rhythm and lighting effects on the spot, and is deeply integrated with the campus culture and creativity, making the performance more enjoyable and inspiring, more visually impactful and appealing.

HighGreat drone swarming performance team use creative artistic techniques to present stunning dynamic “paintings” that shine through the night sky.

In the midsummer of Lianfeng Mountain, a little bit of fluorescence is flying, and a dreamy scene is grandly staged.

What We Done

HighGreat team is very creative and energetic and passionate about UAV technology research.
We have been committed to the popularity of drones and to the diverse development of drone technology applications.
Our self-developed multi-function intelligent and stable drones allow users to enjoy flying!
On the other hand, we have made more people feel the charm of smart technology through the dreamlike and colorful performance of the drones !
The drone formations walked into the campus would enlighten the younger generation’s interest in technology and their illusions about the future.
Promote the combination of campus culture and technology exploration, leading the coming of smart future!