Qingdao International Beer Festival

The 28th Qingdao International Beer Festival was grandly opened, and the drone swarming show performed brilliantly and make West Coast New District as a resort for the whole people, the drone light show has undoubtedly become the brightest star in this event.

Classic Dancing Patterns

170 drones form two beer mugs in the air, slowly getting together in the cheerful music and the current hot atmosphere, thanking everyone who attended the festival.

The patterns of "Shanghe Beer Festival", "Qingdao World" and "Cheers" emerged one by one.

The drones swarming show made by HighGreat perform with large-scale performances "Phoenix Fire Dance Show", the "Phoenix Sound International Music Season", "Pearl of Phoenix" which gives people a new style of experience and enjoyment.

What We Done

The team with 10 staff members back and forth Qingdao several times that takes about 3 months for preparation.
It depends on the features of “strong stability, well positioned, beautiful lighting and sensitive operation”.
As well as the exquisite and smooth movement design, the staff only needs a "Start to fly" order.
It's easy to launch such a cool and drone drone show.