Headlights new product launch conference of BYD's new generation car “ Tang”

At the BYD new generation car of Tang’s headlights new product launch conference, HighGreat team used 300 aircraft to Outline the shape and characteristics of the new lights such as narrow headlights and through-type taillights, and used the lights of the drones to show the lighting effect and make more people realize the highlights of the new lights.

Classic Dancing Patterns

Dragon Beam lights is the brightest star in the night sky. The gradual change blue light look like the dragon's eyes, the drones lights are dazzling and glamorous, showing the charm of Dragon Beam new lights.

“BYD, Happy Birthday”,as BYD’s close partner HighGreat specially prepared the best wishes for the 24th anniversary celebration

What We Done

Today ,at Shenzhen Ciy
Light up the eye-catching dragon Beam, show the psychedelic beauty of light.
Tomorrow, we will start a innovative journey.
Witness the infinite possibilities of the future.