Meishan I MISS Dongpo Music Festival

Southwestern premiere light and shadow feast, Highgreat drone formation show get the music night high!
This is the first large-scale drone swarming show in Southwest China. It is also a special performance held at the 2018 Meishan Slope Culture International Academic Summit Forum and the Sichuan Music Week.

Classic Dancing Patterns

During the performance, a rotating crossing door composed of drones will be opened, and “Kun” will jump in the sky and slowly swim through the door. The interactive drone formation performance is more story-telling and more observable!

Exquisite pictures, dynamic symbols, changeable creative three-dimensional patterns, showing the exquisite performances with the night sky as a curtain, showing the love that never changes to Meishan, to Sichuan, to China!

The passion and fiery of the festival, the charming of the drone, combined in the performance to show the audience a light and shadow feast.

What We Done

A total of more than 60 groups of more than 200 domestic and foreign artists performed on the same stage, and 300 drones appeared above the Dongpo Lake.
According to statistics, the number of people in the core activity area was about 15,000 on the day of the event, and the number of people in the peripheral series exceeded 50,000.