Have Friends Come from Afar - Light of Shanghe Performance of Art

During the SCO summit in Qingdao, the "Light of Shanghe" of "Have Friends Come from Afar" was re-enacted at the Olympic Sailing Center. This time, pride and glory blooms in sky, once again smash the media!

Classic Dancing Patterns

The performance presents a peaceful and beautiful conception of the SCO member states and observer countries.

On the sparkling sea, the drone lights up in the night sky, like the "Light of Shanghe" blooms in the vast sky.

Aerial drone performance with the video story presented on the big screen, combined with the dancing on the stage, interacted with people, machines and screens, forming a three-dimensional art form.

What We Done

Due to the design of the water stage, with precise positioning technology.
The drone formation took off on the "sea surface" in an unconventional formation.
The sky is the curtain, the sea is the platform, and the city is the scene. Presented a visual feast for the audience.
Innovative and modern performances expand the summit effect, spread traditional culture, and create a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere.
It symbolizes the forty-year anniversary of reform and opening up and the bright future for the future.
Smart light, moving stories, HighGreat drone formation with culture as the soul,stage a perfect lighting feast, lighting up the city!