The 7th Zhuhai College Students Aviation Science and Technology Festival

We use 600 drones formed a large-scale rectangle and creatively use 3D stereo drone formations to show the youthful vitality of college students, and demonstrate the charming of Zhuhai!

Classic Dancing Patterns

"Zhuhai Statue of Fisher Girl" - holding the pearl in hand, indicating the light. The lines are graceful and elegant, showing the infinite style and charming of Zhuhai.

Demonstrate students' desire for knowledge and love for the school. Wish students to gain knowledge on campus.

the extratenent astronauts "landed" in Zhuhai, get rid of gravity, the air skateboard is so handsome! The performance attracted the attention of college students and aviation enthusiasts from all walks of life. It has also stimulated the interest of the masses in aviation culture and attracted young people to participate in the aviation development of our motherland.

Representing the world's leading military technology and strong military strength in China – China's first amphibious aircraft AG-600 and 600 HighGreat TAKE drones have a wonderful encounter, and different dimensions of technology collisions!

What We Done

Innovative technology enlighten the future Zhongshan - Shenzhen - Nanjing - Zhuhai ...... HighGreat drone formation campus creative show has gone through multiple cities. Let the younger generation feel the infinite charm of science and technology and stimulate the emotion to create a better motherland!