Shenzhen Talent Day and the First Anniversary of the opening of Talent Park

To celebrate 2018 the 1st anniversary of the "Shenzhen Talent Day" and the opening of Shenzhen Talent Park, 600 drones staged a "talent" theme formation performance over the talent park. The drone light show and the building's lighting complement each other, beautiful and gorgeous!

Classic Dancing Patterns

The peacock tail opening, which symbolizes the "Peacock Project", is fascinating. It highlights the development concept of Shenzhen's love for talents.

The three-dimensional treasure box means “airdropping” talents, which stimulates the positive energy of the talented culture. It is reported that the drone light show will also be included in the official documentary as an important material.

“Celebrating Shenzhen Talent Day” shows Shenzhen’s sincerity for talents. The flashing lights of the drones, constantly changing patterns and colors, are the innovative products of the deep integration of urban light art and intelligent technology.

What We Done

From the perspective of the beautiful talent park, using high technology for intelligent control.
3D stereo drone formation performance linked to the light show of the tall buildings, Innovating the expression of visual art and interpreting the cultural connotation of the new era rich in Shenzhen.
Cooperating with the talent theme drone light show, the stars, the city and the lake are full of brilliance.
It fully demonstrates the concept and determination of using first-class talents in Shenzhen, creating first-class performance and building a first-class city.