Thousands of drones create a national cultural fantastic light show

The Torch Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in Yunnan, including Yi and Bai nationality. Thousands of drones show the unique national characteristics of sky light and shadow, presenting a fantastic and shocking Torch Festival carnival night to the audience, stunning the audience and the media, and is widely loved by everyone.

Classic Dancing Patterns

The shape of the drone formation from time to time to present a blazing flame, and sometimes present national totem , with scientific and technological ways to present cultural symbols to the audience.

The performance combines drone technology and light and shadow technology, integrates technology products with national culture, integrates new media communication and the characteristics of the ancient city, and integrates local art and festival celebration products.

From ancient origins to brilliant modern times, from historical and traditional stories to future science and technology, with innovative and creative ways, national culture and fashion technology can be combined, extended and diverged with new charm.

The details determine the atmosphere and the atmosphere stimulates the imagination. This is also the core reason why drones are successfully applied as air media in all walks of life.

The application of the drone formation, the addition of technological elements has brought new vitality to the excellent traditional culture, and has become the magic of creating a boutique cultural tourism project.