Drone light show, respect all the talents in the whole world

Classic Dancing Patterns

On November 1, 2019, the third "Shenzhen Talent Day". In the passed 40 years of reformation and opening, Shenzhen, as the forward position, with high speed development, has developed from a small fishing village become a world-class metropolis today, creating one miracle after another in this land All of this , can’t lack of talents

City revitalized by talent prospered by talent In preparation for the talent day All the districts in Shenzhen have prepared wonderful activities. Tonight HighGreat&ZeroTech drone formation To show respect to talents with customized dance Book appear as opening peacock Swaying star lights of the knowledge How Brilliant and beautiful

Roc start flying Welcome to Roc city Start thousands miles road in the city

Talent silhouette All walks of life You hard working You are the talent cherished by Shenzhen.

Keep running Shenzhen speed Never stop

diamond fall from the sky Precious and historical Just like you , who have contributed to the construction of Shenzhen, The development of Shenzhen Can't lack you, can’t lack of anyone