2019 Golden Rooster Award, Showing 1200 Drones !

Classic Dancing Patterns

The 2019 Golden Rooster Award has attracted much attention from the fixed date to the release of the concept poster, and the special program "Beach Concert x Drone Show" held on the evening of the 17th has already warmed up the opening of this grand event. The 1200 drones are like dancers in the night.

Prelude,The film rotates and counts down, indicating the opening of the award.

Midfield,Meteor crossed, golden egg bred, and golden chicken settled in Xiamen. City Bougainvillea blooms happily. Beautiful Sunshine Rock and watch sunrise and sunset . Piano is playing gorgeous movement.

Climax,The clasped hands are the hardships on both sides of the strait. “Raising the sail, the way hom” is the theme of this year's Golden Rooster Award, and it is also our common wish. Xiamen City Silhouette is committed to creating a movie capital.

Take a Bow,The golden rooster stands and croaks, lighting up the golden rooster and shining in China.