Four world record holders

Classic Dancing Patterns

On May 18 and 19, 2021, Highgreat brought 5,200 drones to Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Sports Center, break four world records at a time!

In the early morning of May 18th, 5,200 drones from Highgreat were lined up neatly, the breathing lights kept flashing in the dark. On the center console and inside and outside the venue, the Highgreat team concentrated on the final preparations before takeoff. More than 100 witnesses carefully and meticulously counted every drone on site; two certification officers participated in the whole process and completed the official audit and inspection one by one.

After months of preparation and two days and nights of execution, Highgreat successfully broke 4 world records. Respectively: Most UAV airborne simultaneously consists of 5164,. The largest light mosaic by drone consists of 5184 UAVS. The longest animation performed by UAVs is 26 min 26 sec. The most consecutive formations by UAVs(single group) is 88.

The sweat of the past few months has turned into the glory of the moment, and the four heavy certificates declare that Highgreat has become the leader in the global drone formation industry representing the forefront of China's scientific and technological !

As a local enterprise in Shenzhen, China, meanwhile Highgreat broke four world records, also reflected the far-reaching significance of our country's strategy of "great power in science and technology". Which shows China's technological innovation and strength to the world, and spreads more positive energy for China!