Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom "Arena of Valor" theme special performance

A mythical creatures named “KUN” made up by 400 drones roamed in the sea of stars, bringing the audience to the magical and dream world.

Classic Dancing Patterns

400 drones form two patterns some of them made up a ring of glory and the rest of them form a moving mythical creatures named “KUN” slowing fly through the ring which present a real moving movie in the dark night .

400 drones swarming show highlight the theme of the event.

3D stereo drone formation mixed changeable and colorful light show present the dream world in the legend.

What We Done

The wonderful performance is inseparable from the unremitting efforts with extraordinary engineers and also they have another name dreamers .
It is their due diligence and perfection give so many drone "magic" and present a psychedelic and wonderful world for everyone.