Mid-Autumn Party

Celebrating the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival , HighGreat once again cooperated with the Olympic, Asian Games, Expo, APEC, G20 Summit and Beijing design team - Feng Shang Culture, with 500 drones light show formation appeared in Beijing Satellite TV, Oriental TV, Shangxi Satellite TV and Phoenix Satellite TV first joined the "Hanfeng Qiuyue" 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival.

Classic Dancing Patterns

In the program "Lotus Dance", the dance artist Luo Wenbo is in the scene of the moon in the water, the skirt is flying. The majestic lighting and fountain effect, combined with the 500 drone light show formation to form a lotus shape.

500 drone formations flew to the sky, forming a nebula, and a rectangle flew to Han Palace. The main halls of the Han Palace, the water plank road, the central stage and the drums on the battleships rang in turn.

What We Done

The HighGreat drone formation team cooperates with the international leading stage technology, using 500 new drone arrays "Starry Sky".
With the background of the stage of the Xinghan Shengjing Han Culture Expo Park, the perfect combination of the illusory and real scenery of the beautiful scenery is formed. The story of this land in Hanzhong is written to show you a moving legendary picture of Chinese culture.