League of Legends 7th Anniversary Carnival

The 20th Anniversary Celebration of the 2018 "League of Legends" was held at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium! Tencent Games, as the operating agent of the "League of Legends" in mainland China work with HighGreat drones lighting show team and use 7 drones to create LOL classic hero images in dark night sky, planning the first domestic large-scale drone light painting creative marketing event, let players once again find a new sense of belonging and pride.

Classic Dancing Patterns

Combining drone light show creativity and shooting techniques ,and starry night with light painting photography,the characters of the League of Legends appear in the air.

More than 600 drones were launched and the most beautiful drones swarming lights show cheered our contestants and hoped they would win the championship.

Bring an immersive experience to LOL players with a “air summoning ceremony” with a amazing drone swarming light show .

What We Done

The performance of the light painting is to use the long exposure mode of the camera to capture the movement trajectory of the light source.
Create special image effects through lights moving ways.
The drone painting uses the drone's own arm light or equipped with relevant lighting accessories (such as lamps, fireworks, etc.) to draw the path of the "line" and make a huge painting in the air.
The feature is that the trajectory is not limited by distance, and a wide range of patterns can be combined and drawn in the sky.