Audi A8L new product launch conference

At the Audi A8L new product launch conference, HighGreat company unprecedented used 500 drones to demonstrate the new A8L’s features and spread the brand value and culture, also makes event more technologically and attractive.The overall internet impression has reached 83.5million ,total amount of views 10 million,and the interactions 240 thousand .

Classic Dancing Patterns

The 500 drones form a 3D-shaped new A8L pattern that slowly rotates in the air, revealing multifaceted details.

With dynamic music, 500 drones form Audi's eye-catching headlights and backlights pattern and show to people special and advanced lighting technology.

As the performance continues, 500 drones form the slogan of the new product, making people's impression of the new car more profound.

What We Done

In the performance, we set the principle of “less displacement transformation and more light changes”.
Try to restore the real car lighting effect and shorten the duration of the drones flying.
By controlling the RGBW LED group carried on the drones, multiple levels of light changes,
The Audi A8L's headlights are designed to be presented smoothly and clearly.
The maximum width of the drones formation pattern has reached 300 meters.
The timing of each dance step is calculated in millisecond.
Confirm the nodes of each pattern change and seek the optimal solution for each drone's motion route.
Show the most exciting visual experience in a limited time.