The 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, "Chasing Dreams"

The large-scale variety show “Chasing Dreams”organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government was held in Shenzhen Civic Center Square to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.HighGreat team was honored to be invited to the evening party and used 800 drones to form the mythical bird and dancing ballet actor, as well as the music road, which means that the city of Shenzhen will be getting better in the future. Make the world see the success of the 40 years of Shenzhen's reform and opening up and the charm of this city of technology.

Classic Dancing Patterns

800 drones to form the mythical bird pattern in night sky cause Shenzhen has another name “City of Peng”.

The live performance that piano prince Li Yundi echoes his piano music with drone swarming drone "Cloud Dance",which is even more fascinating! "Ballet in the full moon" is elegant and moving.

800 drones were showing the 3D patterns of "ballet in the full moon", "music road", "expanding wings of mythical bird " and the the new night scene consists of drones swarming lights show and lights from 43 skyscrapers. The audience feel a charming "Shenzhen Night".

What We Done

The team started to contact the director of the party three months ago and continued to push the drone products and performance according to the requirements of the party.
Compared with the past performances HihGreat team did before, the TAKE drones has improved in terms of power, anti-radio interference and positioning, communication.
At the same time, the brightness in the night sky will be more beautiful.
This is the first time that 800 drones have been used and the first time they have performed with the city's light show and piano music.
On the eve of the show we encountered the typhoon "Mangkhut" attack, our team is proud cause we have overcome many difficulties to complete such a wonderful performance .