High Great celebrates the 70th birthday of the motherland with 2,100 drones!

World Record| A grand show of 2,100 High Great drones challenge a world record in the vast sky as a tribute to the 70th birthday of the motherland. The night sky describes the motherland's great rivers and mountains, the dragon fly in the vast sky, shining brilliant glory!

Classic Dancing Patterns

The effect of the fluttering characters 7 and the striking golden three-dimensional five-star national emblem and the circle of Tian 'anmen constitute a dynamic and static interaction, which not only reflects the heaviness of history, but also contains the festive atmosphere of important festivals

The dragon takes off and realize the Chinese dream! 3D dragon roamed in the vast night sky, like the arrival of myth!

I love China and am proud it! The bright fireworks clustered together symbolize the prosperous world and the expectation of the vigorous development of the motherland!

The Great Wall like a dragon winding in the mountains, a huge picture of magnificent mountains and rivers suddenly appeared in front of the people, to stimulate the people's sense of intimacy and pride!