X-Lake Forum

Classic Dancing Patterns

X-Lake Forum

The first Xili Lake Forum in 2021, was held in the Xili Lake International Science and Education District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. On the opening night, 1,000 drones from Highgreat brought a feast of the sky--the combination of technology and art at the opening of this high-profile forum.

The Eye of Science and Technology opens up the road of innovation and promotes the continuous operation to the gear of innovation.

The chip is implanted into the brain of artificial intelligence, depicting a beautiful vision of innovation leading to sustainable development.

An innovation system that closely integrates "technology, education, industry, and finance", Xili Lake Forum promotes the development of high-quality technology.

This drone formation Images closely follow the theme of the first Xili Lake Forum, "Innovation and Sustainable Development", and displays a variety of technological elements, which is a bonus for the opening of the forum.